Get your Taxes Won, is cute and very true!

Our tax office is of course in the same business as H&R Block; but then again we are not, and when someone in our industry really does something well, there isn’t a Golden Globe awards show to give them a trophy or congratulations.  So, here is one from us….good message H&R!

The message is simple but effective:  There are many ways a tax return can be done that are all OK with the IRS, but one of those ways nets the largest refund!  People need to understand this across America, and we talk about tax planning constantly.  We blog, tweet, post, e-mail and on and on, yet we aren’t even getting half of our clients to take us up on a planning session!  The clients who do are often thrilled at the outcomes, and yet it’s just hard to get people to want to spend half the time that they spend planning their vacations on planning their own tax outcomes! (larger refunds would pay for those vacations?!?!)

Why did we say that we aren’t really in H&R`s business? They spend a great deal of time and effort on locations of convenience, fast or same day service and focus on people expecting refunds. They do all taxes, as far as we know, but the focus of their services is obvious.

We, on the other hand, take a few days to do returns, have CPA and EA`s doing the work in ALL cases, and have a second set of eyes review process. We don’t loan our clients the IRS refund to them.  In fact, we are most often working with taxpayers who are not necessarily getting a refund. Complex returns, business owners, landlords, corporations with complex considerations can’t be done in one “walk in the door and walk out with a return” process. We are also likely less expensive, as that “instant service in a high traffic area model” can’t then also be cheaper!

In summary, great message H&R! If you want the same day return, fast service and are willing to take a short-term loan to get some of your refunds right away, then go to them, as we can’t help you! However, if you want only CPAs or EAs doing your work, and then have it double checked by a second qualified set of eyes and you want it cheaper than most national walk-in services for a more complex type return, we are ready for your call or email!