Tax Time Question That We Sometimes Forget To Ask.

I’m trying to improve myself as an advisor every day, and I was thinking about my current yesterday while having a conversation with my better half and they asked me, “How do you think they feel about the accounts they aren’t managing with you?” That really set me back and I actually lost sleep, so this morning I decided to send you this question and request.

Do you understand the accounts you own? Or do you just “own what you own” and in your mind moving those assets to our firm would not mean feeling any different? I think a lot of people I have made recommendations to have felt that they don’t understand what they have for investments but changing to another asset would just be changing to another account they don’t understand. I hope that’s not true but I fear that it is.

Would you take a 15 min call from me to discuss how you feel about what you own know?

I will not shove anything at you, I’m truly looking to improve myself and I would appreciate receiving the gift of your time.